You want to promote a special concept, a product or an event using a thrilling game?

We can develop your perfect game! Complete service from concept-creation to the finished product.

You can benefit from our long time experience in game-design. You will get a game which not only advertises, but really is fun to play!

Simple games with chance, primitive quiz-games or even "happy families" kind of games will not be satisfying for us! And there will be no imports from China. We will develop your game directly and it will be thrilling and fun to play!

Send us your inquiry!

You want to publish a promotion-game for your company?

Or get your self-designed game produced for self-publishing?

We can offer you:

Game parts - game boards, counters, boxes.

Complete games and memo-games with your pictures.

Giveaways like coloring books and sudoku.

Games production overview

"The Castle"
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You'll find pictures for publication, information about review-copies and donations at the presse-area.
Just send us a fax with your information to +49 61 81 2 08 40 an we'll send you the latest pricelist. We do offer attractive prices even for smaller orders.